Cultural Diversity

India is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world, with some of the most deeply religious societies and cultures. Religion still plays a central and definitive role in the life of most of its people.


Some ritual culture at Gangasagar Mela.

PROVAT AROTI (Morning Puja)

Early morning puja at Varanasi on the Ganges.



Diwali or Deepaawali is one of the most glamorous and important festivals celebrated in India.


He came all the way from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to Varasnasi to bring homage to his deceiced ancesters, like so many Hindu from all over India, believing that after death, the soul given to the Goddes Ganga, remains in the river of life and death.


Ahuti is an oblation or offering. It can also refer to a sacrifice. However, when conducting with a Yagnya it is customary to have a havan or fire sacrifice. The fire is ceremoniously lit, symbolic of inviting Agni the fire God and the mantras are chanted an offering of ghee or havan samagri (a mixture of herbs, flower and ghee) is offered to the fire at the end of the mantra.

I saw this woman giving YAGNYAHUTI in Gangasagar Mela in Sagar Dwip, West Bengal. Instead of havan samagri she was throwing those cotton balls with ghee from that container.

SONDHA AROTI ( Evening Puja)

Evening Puja at Varanasi on the Ganges.

32 Responses to “Cultural Diversity”

  1. Awesome documentary photography, excellent colour and compositions.

  2. Goutamendu Says:

    Awesome glimpses of Indian cultural heritage. Very nicely captured

    Goutamendu Ray

  3. Wonderful documentation of the cultural diversity of India,the photographs are full of life and action with excellent use of light and composition.

  4. I like your pictures of cultural traditions and your documentary aproach. The light of your prictures is also very beautifull.
    Didier Petre

  5. My vote for the 5th photo, marvellous

  6. Hello Mr. Apratim,

    Excellent photographs 🙂


  7. hann, looking so crisp and the phoograhs really tell a story.
    More we want to see from u.

  8. Niraj Sinha Says:

    Awesome! Deadly! great pictures… lighting, colours… everything is just great.. Well done boss..

    Keep it up…

    Niraj Sinha

  9. These are really wonderful shots — and this is a photoblog that stands out among the many !

  10. Livia Comandini Says:

    Fire and religion. Apratim Is great in capturing devotion atmosphera, in the moment when a person is concentrate in holding a fire, which represents his religion, his faith.
    Light is special around faithful people. Portraits are made in total respect of their feelings.
    High quality of photographs , colors are vivid and realistic, sharpness is perfect and main subjects come “out” of the screen

  11. Laura Tönnies Says:

    You convey India’s beauty so amazingly. All the photos are just marvelous!

  12. Goutamendu Says:

    Excellent picture with a great mood.Congratulations

  13. Like your shots…. and your PP too…. its very simple but i love it. could you explain how you do it.??

  14. Neelkant Sharma Says:

    The best thing about the pix is that they r very candid & amp; perfectly shot.

  15. Also great shot here. I like the light you capture in all images.
    Wonderful post. Great image’s.

  16. Great collection , but few more pics added to this chapter can elaborate the theme more brightly… thanks for your effort keep it up sir…..

  17. Bright, fresh, colorful and Oh yes ! Happy faces of the people of India..

    Keep looking for this always through your eyes and lens..
    Best wishes,


  18. Very inspiring , moving photos! very collectionable !

  19. Jaydeep Ghosh Says:

    Incredible-marvelous-splendid– Apratim Da as far my knowledge is concerned – “Photography is nothing but painting with light “– which has been clearly depicted in the above creation. These kinds of photography are great inspiration to the crazy people like us. Thank you for sharing these unique work with everyone.

  20. Nice collection of photographs depicting how the religion plays an important role in day to day life of common Indians.

    Going through this collection is like reading a classic novel and getting engrossed in its most interesting chapter.

  21. Amitava Kayal Says:

    Excellent collection … great colors of Indian traditional rituals … fantastic portraits … wish we could see much more … Thanks for sharing Apratim Da … keep going … 🙂

  22. Proti ta chobi durdanto……aro bhalo hoi jodi apni lens r EXIF details guli diye rakhen jate amader sikhte subidha hoi

  23. Arghya Chatterjee` Says:

    If anyone outside wants to know why India is called country of festivals, this blog will be one of the guides.
    Hats off Dada !

  24. The photographs displays the colorful festival of India. The pictures are candid
    and well composed.

  25. It is tales of Festivals of India. Good canditdpictures.

  26. Each n every click telling a story….beautiful..:-)

  27. The photographs show the religious spirit of India. All the picture is very very good.

  28. Shanti Savla Says:


  29. Livia Comandini Says:

    A fantastic serie, perfect picture full of India soul

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