Making of a Devi

Making of a Devi is the story of the potters who have been devoted their life by making the Hindu goddess.


Radhe Das is a sixty five years man has started making goddess at the age of seven. He has learned the art from his uncle. Radhe is the only earning member of his family. He is so poor that he cannot hire an extra person to help him. So he works alone in his workshop at Kumartuli.



Creating the eye of a Devi is the most critical and challenging thing. In Hindu mythology it has a name called “Chokh Dan” (Eye Creation).  Normally in the night of Mahalaya, before seven days of Puja all potters used to complete this “Chokh Dan” procedure.


Narayan Pal is one of the potters at Kumartuli, Siliguri, West Bengal.


Anima Roy got inspiration from his husband seven years ago when her husband took her to Kumartuli. She is the only woman potter in this community. Now she and her husband works together to support their growing family.


45 Responses to “Making of a Devi”

  1. nice series ..

  2. Here is someone using brains. Thinking before shooting, not just point & shoot. coz its digital 🙂
    Beautiful images.. carry on.

  3. Darun hoyeche, awesome !

  4. Khubi bhalo hoyechhe. Chobi gulo anekguloi aage dekha, eksathe dekhe aaro bhalo laglo.

  5. Nice way to tell a story. The photographs are very vivid and good presentation.
    Partha Pal


    Ki boli boloto dada… ami to tomar chobir ekonistho vakto… aro hoye gelam… mon jurano series… excellent… tomar chobi te ki amar bola saje?? amar kache eta DHIRSTATA….

  7. A fine series of shots to enlighten the work of these artists !

  8. A great series, your photographs really speak, you have the talent to capture moments in their most natural essence……lot to learn from you.

  9. Amazing work, I am speechless in true words.

  10. Angshuman Says:

    Bhishon shundor. Special mention about Anima Roy’r chhobita are last chhobita…excellent indeed Apratim !

  11. Beautifull photoreport !

  12. Daniel Amat Says:

    You show great talent telling with beautiful images and also words, a story too simple, but very significant. The expressive use of light and color convey the same energy as the sculptor puts into his creations. Congratulations

  13. Inspiring work from both Devi Makers and You Mr. Apratim, please keep posting regularly 🙂

    Warm Regards,

  14. Excellent pictures Apratim. Also the description regarding each picture is very well written. Good luck to u!

  15. This is a common In Our India , India is a country where the land is a full religious and so the , In our country is a spiritual land , according to our SHASTRA , people make there faith , converted to Idol .. and all The artist from or sculptor make a verity type of Idol , From that source will make so many family traditionally do there work as like Above Photographs , who is Mr. Apritam try to show very very nicely through his photography media .
    This is a very nice work done by Mr Apritam Saha … Thanks to Saha

  16. Hi Apratim,
    I have been following your work for sometime – you are a great inspiration.
    Thanks for bringing this photo story on artisans from Bengal !

  17. Nice report Apratim. Very good composition and light work. Also your pictures always show an extreme sharpness. Well done !
    I didn´t know about Devi handmakers, hope you´ve more free time to show us more Indian stories like this !


  18. Excellent series of photos, very well-used lights, I like it so much.
    Best regards,

  19. Love the use of light! and all the pics are speechless!

  20. Livia Comandini Says:

    A very good work here, dear Apratim. I like the way you focus on each subject, and the relationship between the main subject and the background. Skin color is fantastic everywhere .
    In some photo there is a dialogue between a person and the goddess, different in each person. I like the lady looking in the Goddess eyes, for example.
    Vivid scene : Narayan Pal and many arms Goddess behind him.
    You are not posting a lot of photos, you are posting few good photos

  21. Nice story……… kintu boro taratari sesh hoye gelo……… aaro ektu beshi hole bhalo hoto……….

  22. Awesome work Apratim Da. Among your great works, I like this series very much, wonderful story telling images. Especially the rare snap where a lady artisan is working , which we don’t get to see usually.

    Keep up good work Dada.

    Best wishes


  23. Goutamendu Says:

    The artisans of India strongly believe that the spiritual sculptures been created by them can have ‘Life’ if the rituals are performed sacredly. That is the reason they engage themselves with full devotion while making a clay model of a God or Goddess. Here the whole story has been emerged in the outstanding photos taken by you. Hats off to you Apratim !

  24. Ayan Banerjee Says:

    Apratim Da, apnar tola je kono chobi e bapok lage.. r ei Making of Durga thakur er chobi ta te notun kore kichu bolar nei.

    In a single word “SPEECHLESS”

  25. Absolutely great photo story and outstanding pictures Apratim !
    I dream to take some pictures of these artists one day, but I’m sure that they won’t be as good as yours, because yours are simply perfect.
    Best regards from Pushkar !

  26. sumit roy chowdhury Says:

    Apnar ei chobi dekhe amar abar kumortuli jete icche korche….ekta onno rokom perfection khujte jabo…..thanx 2 u….

  27. Very interesting series about this very special event, I would love to see that one day. Devi creating Devi would be my fav ! Keep up the good work, greetings from France.

  28. nayan khanolkar Says:

    very nice!

  29. A wonderfully documented series. Beautifully produced images. You are really a great photographer !

  30. A great series, well documented.

  31. Livia Comandini Says:

    Compliments again!!!

  32. Simply excellent!


  34. Great work…love it!

  35. rafiayub Says:

    Great works…. can you please share with me the equipment you used here. particularly lens please.

  36. Apratim Da, awesome work with the photos…simply amazing…

  37. The awesome pictures in the blog depicts the hard work and dedication of the potters.

  38. Nice photo story..:)

  39. Exceptional series…:-)

  40. I’m just amazed about the color and the composition. Really good !

    I can’t wait to be in India this June.


  41. Great series of photographs !

  42. Wonderful captures and knitting. Our blogs look very similar. Inspired by same gurus like Steve…

  43. fantastic pics…..captured the beautiful moments on an Indian. just amazing

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